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Daughter prescribed Senokot, Has anyone used this?

So I have been back to the doctors to discuss my daughter soiling and been giving Senokot. I sill have to sick with the movicol doesage but to give her 5ml off senokot on a evening.

Has anyone got any experience of Senokot? My daughter has a birthday party to attend to tomorrow I have already given her 5ml tonight,now I'm worried when the magic will will happen 😨💩

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My son has been on Senokot for 18 months. The magic does tend to happen most mornings but not every morning.

We were told to give it to him in the evening as it takes about 12 hours to work.

Good luck.


Ok, I was a bit worried she would have the runs all day! If it only takes 12 hrs she should be OK by afternoon. (Fingers crossed)

Also the doctor mentioned about speaking to my daughters schoool nurse for extra support. I wasn't aware the school had a nurse but advised all schools have one!


The school nurses are there for you if needed

I'm not sure what else they do but we get a regular check in call every few weeks which is a great support to me after my son's complex case. You can self refer to them too.

Give them a call and see what they can do for you. I was told they can also liaise between you and the school if there are communication issues.

Has your doctor said anything about sitting your daughter on the toilet with a foot stool and something to blow? This has really helped my son with his constipation?


We had excellent results after starting senokot and helped resolve my daughter's soiling issues after a few years just using movicol. Like you we were prescribed 5ml each evening alongside a low dose of movicol. My daughter would generally poo in the evening every 1-2 days.

We also started a strict toilet sitting routine when starting the senokot. Every evening before bath she would sit for 5-10 mins on toilet whilst I read. This helped with discipline of sitting and trying to poo and relaxing. Much of her issues were from years of withholding too.

Good luck

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