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facial rash on son

facial rash on son

hi my son had a rash develop across his body the other day. it came on very quickly and spread really fast. it started on his hands and then spread everywhere. it came up two days ago and majority has since gone down. we went to the docs twice that same day as they were concerned about the speed it spread. in the end they said they believe it to be a urticaria rash (hives).

my son now just has a rash on his face and hands. the bits on his face don't seem to be going down if anything they look like they are getting worse rather than better. they didn't give him anything for it did I've just been giving him antihistamine daily but it's not doing anything. he has suffered with eczema before could this be what it is on his face. could it be dermatitis or is it likely to still be hives. its just annoying as he isn't unwell and is going school but it makes him feel uncomfortable as his face doesn't look right. any ideas

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Could it be slapped cheek? It can come up on other parts of the body as well such as arms and legs.


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