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Faecal Disimpaction, Any Tips??!!!


I am currently on day 2 of Feacal Disimpaction, I was wondering is there anyone here that can help me in what to do and what not to do? I really don't want to mess this up as my 4 year old is starting big school in September and we are on 2 weeks Easter holidays now that this is the perfect oppertunity to do this, I got the go ahead from the Gp, any tips on retraining him?

My son has always pooed in his pants,hiding in corners crossing his legs, can't take me eye off him, he's trained since he's 2 1/2 and had a hard poo which led to him withholding for so long and am my wits end with this, getting so down and upset about the whole thing, I've looked at the video the poo which I found very helpful I just wanted tips off anyone that has been through this already.

Thank u x

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Hi, I was in the same situation as you a few years back with the lead up to starting school and feeling at my wits end and up to my eyes in poo and washing pants!

Read through all the posts on this forum and you will find loads of stories and tips from parents dealing with similar situations.

Make sure after disempaction you keep your child on a maintenance dose, are you using movicol? If so try starting with one sachet per day for now. Stick to this for good length of time and alter dosage if needed to get soft poo every 1-2 days.

Toilet sitting after meals with sticker reward for sitting even if nothing comes out. Stick to this daily and don't give up. This was the thing I never used to do until we were referred to consultant age 6 and it really helped. Lots of books by loo, colouring pads etc. Sit in there together and make it fun!

Sticker charts worked at age 4 for us but worked better when I got an older sibling involved so that they both had a chart (she was a competitive child) again stick to it, very easy to start and then forget.

Buy a book about bodies and how they work, we have one for kids that has lift up flaps. Let's them understand journey from mouth to bum.

It takes considerable patience, persistence and time to get through it but it can be done.

Keep a diary of laxative dosage and when he poos as this can be helpful to look for patterns.

Keep up the fluids, really makes a difference.

Good luck x


I would suggest keeping nappy cream or Vaseline to hand too as this can be harsh on the bottom sometimes acidic so protect the skin as much as possible.

Has the GP given you a clear schedule to increase the dosage by?

Best wishes.

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Thanks for your reply, I have gotten that stuff in just in case, yeah got the go ahead from the GP last week so doing it on the Easter holidays x


Hi thank you for your reply, thanks for all the tips I will sure to do this with him, I just feel like he's constantly on the potty or the toilet, mostly potty as he can play easier with his toys, right now his poos are runny but thought he'd be pooing more but just explosions of poos, my worry is he's still trying to hold it in and crossing his legs and he still won't tell me, he told me once yesterday yah he needed to go and he did, gave him lots of praise and a treat, just wondering when will that feeling come back for him to go?!

Thanks x


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