Taking child off long term senna

Hi, my 9 boy had non-withholding constipation and has been on 17.5ml of Senna for the past 5 years. (As an aside I've just seen other posts and I wish someone had told me at the beginning of this journey to relax because its takes years and years for the bowels to mend. Find a dose that works and stop fighting to bring your child off early - it was Consultants at Great Ormond St who said this and I wish someone had told me early on!)... anyway.. now to bring my boy off and I can't find a useful programme to do it. We'll try reducing gradually but I'd love to know anyone else's experience.

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Hi JaneA3, thank you for your post and great advice. How is your sons constipation at present, is he managing well on his 17.5ml of Senna? I just wondered if there was any reason why you wanted to bring him off his medication at present? Natalie@ERIC


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