Not waking to Malem Alarm

Hi, looking for help. My son is 6.5 years old and recently been given a Malem alarm to help with his bed wetting. He has been toilet trained since he was 2 but never managed a dry night in his life. Anyway, we have the alarm and started using three nights ago, he doesn't wake to the alarm and by the time I've got to him he's wet the bed. It's frustrating him as he is so keen to get dry at night. Is it normal that they don't hear the alarm to begin with? I was expecting him to be wet until he got used to it but unsure if normal for him not to hear alarm from day 1. Many thanks

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Hi, i know you posted a month ago but thought Id reply.

My son is now waking to the alarm after a few weeks - first month he was on mattress on my bedroom floor so we would hear it and wake him.

The eneurisis clinic nurse said its normal.


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