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Dysfunctional voiding

Hi, my four year old daughter has her first urology appt last week. He suspected she had developed dysfunctional voiding where the bladder muscles work against each other (if that makes sense) he suggested a voiding schedule for every 2 hours to take pressure off the muscles. The problem I have is getting school to see the importance of reminding her to go and she genuinely has no sensation of needing to go. Have anyone else's kids been diagnosed with this too?

The urologist also mentioned she might benefit from oxybutynin as her bladder sometimes releases abit of urine without her knowing. What are other people's experiences with oxybutynin?

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My daughter is on her second try of oxybutynin. First time was terrible and upsetting fir us both. She was on a fairly big dose which caused mood swings and paranoia. After a month we decided to stop the tablets and wait for more advise at the next appointment. 3 months later we are trying it again but half the dose and an extended release version. This time we are 2 weeks along and so far so good. We haven't had any dry nights yet but I've noticed the pads are lighter when she gets up in the morning and during the day there are less dribbles in the knickers.


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