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Benefits for soiling

Just had the amazing news that our son has been awarded disability for his soiling/constipation needs. This will help us so much as constant cleaning, pants, bed clothes, washing and the daily cleaning supplies have added up over the years. I feel we have finally got some recognition of his problems. I only applied on the off chance as have heard on forums before that people have been turned down. He has ADHD as well but it does say in the letter it's for his constipation and soiling needs. I'm only posting this as I know there are many others in the same situation that may benefit from this and to say it's worth a chance if you need to. When you think of the costs we incur just for pants, clothes, washing, bed pads etc it all can add up. It will defiantly make a difference to us.

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This fills me with some hope. I have been advised to apply for my daughter but I didn't think she would qualify for under active thyroid and soiling/constipation. I am not sure about applying as I hate getting benefits and the form looks so scary. I don't even know what to put and where to start because its pretty much full on daily


Really glad to hear it, sounds like great news :)


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