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drugs for overactive bladder

Hi there

Thought I'd reach out to see if any other parents or someone from ERIC has experience with a child taking Vesicare for an overactive bladder. My nearly 8year old son used to take Oxybutinin but that made him turn into the Incredible Hulk. He tried Tolterodine which made no difference to his problem. He's now been on Vesicare for about 8 months but still has urgent and frequent need to urinate whereby the majority of the time he doesn't make it and has numerous wet accidents everyday! He's under the care an amazing paediatric consultant who has sent him for urine flow tests and scans to check his bladder size and make sure his tubes and kidneys all look ok, thankfully everything look normal. He's being referred to paediatric urologist for a second opinion but also to a psychologist as a potential anxiety causing condition

I just wondered if anyone could think of something else we could try as I am convinced what he has is physical even though I'm sure having this condition has no doubt affected him emotionally but unless you see it for yourself its hard to believe that he'll be talking normally one minute then the next instantly needs to go right there and then, like the message isn't being sent to the brain intime! (Forgot to say he's also had an MRI on his spine as they thought he may have has something pushing on his bladder nerves but again that was ok phew!)

If I could chose I'd rather my child wasn't on medication but things got so bad for the poor boy that he was drenched and sore down there everyday

I wondered if any other parent has had any luck with medication over a long period of time or an alternative to them? I was told a year ago he'd grow out of having accidents but he's been following the good drinking habits along with cutting out dark drinks etc for 3 years now so I've come to this website for any kind of help

Thank you


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Hey Amy my lo is recently on oxybutinin (er I think so anyway) so no experience of that medication I'm afraid - did any of those he's tried make a difference to him, sounds like he's still finding it difficult to feel when he needs to go? Did your specialist give you an idea how long you were going to try this one for? Must be really tricky for you both to know what to try next but nice to hear your specialist is being helpful - that makes a difference doesn't it :)


Thanks for replying

How long has your lo been on Oxybutinin and how's it going, any changes? All medications work differently for everyone!

Consultant has said wait to see what urologist suggests as the appointment with him is a second opinion. I have all faith in the consultant but guess I just want someone to fix this problem for my son. It's hard to believe that the third type of medication tried doesn't even change the urgency.

It has been a long journey for him but I can let other parents know if they stick at it with the good drinking, cut out dark drinks, stop milk inthe afternoon (appear my takes longer to process so this would be more for nighttime wetting!), continue with double voiding (sit down to wee then count to 30 seconds when finished to see if anymore comes out, which it usually does!)

With all of these changes he's made over the last 3+ years his urine output each time is gradually increasing. He used to wee Max 50mls each time up to 19 times a day but his bladder must gained strength as he did his first 200ml wee the other day and has reduced the times he goes per day to around 11-12 times, which isn't ideal but it's a massive improvement!

All he needs to do now is somehow have the urgency bit changed and he'll be dandy!!

Any suggestions from anyone out there either parents or professionals would be gratefully received!




Sounds like you've really seen some positive changes over the years Amy that's great to hear! 200ml - wow you must have been cheering that time! Our absolute record is still 150! Still, I really hope you can get another option or something that'll deal with that last remaining issue with the urgency.

My lo has only been on oxybutinin for about 6 weeks. Didn't make any noticeable difference tbh but it's now been combined with desmomelt to deal with how much urine she produces at night - and OMG she's suddenly been dry at night for a week!! Never ever happened before (including when she was on desmo last time). It's great and I am touching wood it continues... but also trying to say to her (and myself) it doesn't greatly matter and not to be too disappointed if it doesn't...

Fingers crossed for both of us!



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