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ED at 38

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ED at 38. Help I’m really struggling with this…. Any advice

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What help or tests have you had so far? Was this a sudden problem or did it appear slowly?

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MrJMan in reply to xsevenx

It’s been over the last 2 years, testosterone levels fine, the first time it was only for a week or so after some really heavy stress, then the last 4 weeks have been awful. I have sildenafil which works really well, but both me and the wife don’t want me to rely on it, but really struggle without 😫😫 it’s just hopeless

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xsevenx in reply to MrJMan

Sorry you are suffering. Glad you have been tested. I have to say tadalafil 5mg daily works really well for me. It’s not like sildenafil which is out of your system in a few hours, you have tadalafil in your system 24/7 and it works 24/7. I know you don’t want to rely on it, but maybe a month on it would give you a good time and decrease your stress levels too?Some guys take L-Arginine supplements too and get good results. My experience was mixed.

Are you a cigarette smoker? How is your cardio fitness? Are you overweight? 38 is too young to be dealing with ED if you are otherwise healthy.

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MrJMan in reply to WSOPeddie

I am fit! Hit the gym 4 times a week, good cardio health, don’t smoke, drink or so drugs… eat healthy have a healthy weight…. I know 38 is young I suffered PTSD last year and a breakdown

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WSOPeddie in reply to MrJMan

You are living healthy so the obvious contributors are ruled out. I hope you find the answer soon. Maybe you are dealing with performance anxiety and putting too much pressure on yourself? Maybe try some meditation?

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MrJMan in reply to WSOPeddie

Great idea…. I have used mindfulness i the past so….