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Does Trimix work when undergoing hormone & radiation therapy for prostate cancer?


Prostate cancer treatment & trimix.

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I actually just asked my radiation oncologist about just using a pump because of seeing myself small in size like in hibernation. Just started hormone treatment and almost done with eight weeks of radiation.

I have both bimix and trimix in the freezer but the hormones have actually left me with no urge to even give it a try. I almost did this week but got sidetracked before it crossed my mind again 😂

I will try the pump before a week elapses and will keep you posted.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of Tri and Bimix stopped for me a couple of months prior to starting ADT (I used them for about a year). I start Radiation on Wednesday, but like others...the urge has left me after 4 months of ADT treatment.

Frankenman in reply to JRPnSD

Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time. Depending on how surgery goes, I may wind up with ADT and radiation at some point and just hated the thought of losing all interest as you mentioned.

JPnSD in reply to Frankenman

I very much understand your feelings. I miss feeling sexual. Best to focus on what allows us to live....and the return of sex is something to work towards as we do...Right? :)