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MUSE Urethral Stick

Has anybody heard of or used MUSE urethral stick? If so, your thoughts?


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I have used the Muse urethral stick in my early stages of attempting to control my ED. When Cialis, Viagra and a few other pills had no effect whatsoever, I tried Muse. My personal reaction was:

My urethra tends to be very sensitive. When other men had little complaints regarding the insertion of a Foley catheter following various procedures, I found them painful. As a result, the insertion of the Muse into my urethra was not a positive experience. Erections were very weak and painful. Intercourse was not feasible.

I have since had an implant put in which works perfectly.

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I have never heard anything good about it. Only unpleasant reactions like you have had.

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You have urged me into this community. A good one for me to be in, and I hope that the information might assist the other men in the Prostate Cancer Support Group that I manage.

Never heard of this stick but the ingredient is the same as one used in the triple-P injection and the triple-P gel that are used here to promote erectile function. I could say a lot about the gel but have no knowledge of the stick. I would expect the stick to sting just as the gel stung when inserted.

The alprostadil ingredient in the gel caused me so much pain in the perineum that I thought I was hatching a coconut. That reportedly is an uncommonly strong reaction and the pharmacy's information sheet talked about "perineal ache." That was NOT an ache. I could not stand or sit for 45 minutes after using it. I do not think I am a wimp and that hurt. Stopped using it.

Let us know.


This might help people I didn’t get one erection for three years and had many cpps symtoms. I’m now 100% fine and it was all down to tight connective muscle tissue in the hips / psoas / adductors that drove tension into the pelvic floor. Many men are tight in the hips which is what I now totally believe is the main cause of ED.

I used a method of resistance stretching called DCT which totally fixed me. I’ve made some videos about it