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We are a unique and extraordinary community, we have got to do unique and extraordinary things. no frustration has ever been unless a person tries to live a life that's not theirs, that is one of super triggers of unnecessary seizure life Our minds were engineered to focus on one thing at the time, the you can the other and the other and the other ...its like a brain calendar anyone who puts two or more seeds in the same soil is still frustrated and without a purpose Never look down at yourself, you are special and no one will stand on your way unless God allows them Here is my advice guys.....any area you are interested in and doing it with the least amount of effort that's your chosen field .... study and learn more about that field ... if you do this daily, in less than five years you'll be an expect in that field... you'll be on fire day in day out I think Highly of myself because I want to be on the top Big thoughts - big Victories, Small Thoughts - Small victories Its all in the mind.. so are seizure because the mind is so powerful that it can change even your bank account.... how?.. you think about it everyday so it happens so if you think about seizures everyday.. they will happen but remember you must have corresponding action , take your medication and never skip your intervals Thoughts determine Actions and actions determine the results of our thoughts I'am a guy who likes to see my fellow brothers and sisters getting better daily especially mentally.... we must begin stand up and speak and don't shy away our uniqness Our people out there guys they are soooo ignorant about Epilepsy.... Its only us by speaking out loud that people will be aware of who we are and what we stand for .. because some folks would compromise who they are in order to be accepted resulting in purposely triggered seizures, if they don't accept you move away form them and surround yourself with like minded people , people who will Celebrate you and not tolerate you all the time.. that will lower yourself esteem , self worth ,and self believe We are more than who we think we are

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