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my name is Maureen i'am a 381/2 year old female and i have Epilepsy and i have been battling with it since October 2006 and i have Grand Mals and Petite mals. They have gotten quite bad that i have bitten the inside of my cheek wall and i have bitten my tongue during an attack. my blood sugar spikes too 300 during i've been keppra for many years and they keep changing my dosages and nothing is helping too get them more under control.

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Hi Modogga,

Sorry for the delay in replying. It can be hard coping with Epilepsy, I have a similar situation and mine was late onset too. Up until the last few years epilepsy severely impacted my life and it can be very isolating.

I am fiercely protective of anyone with Epilepsy and take great exemption to anyone who uses the term 'epileptic' I am not 'epileptic' I have epilepsy!

Take care



My seizures happen too take when I am stressed out which has been more recently. I am the caregiver too my sick husband and I don't sleep much anymore because I have too keep an eye on my husband. It also happens when I don't eat or when my blood sugar drops. I get triggers when they come on now a days.


Hi there, yes stress definitely doesn't help and you obviously have a lot to cope with especially being a caregiver, so it's really important to practice self care.

Now that you recognise the triggers, it will at least help you to try to avoid those as much as possible. I have 30second warnings, which isn't very long and it's something I never get used to but I have at least accepted my situation now.

Take care


I havent had a seizure for 19 years but I always found it was my hormones, when I had my period, when I was pregnant and when i was ill

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Hi Maureen I have epilepsy too my name is Lyndsay I'm 31 I've had it since I was 2. I was on everything now they've put me on a benzondiazpines cos there's nothing to control it Ive been in hospital 3 times in 3 months. I know how your feeling you feel like there's. No hope. I've been depressed several times thru it,. If you need to talk call 07879220015




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