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Levetiracetam/Keppra dizziness and memory


I'm really trying hard to stick with generic levetiracetam but I'm struggling with side affects, which I don't get with Lamictal.

I'm so forgetful it's getting embarrassing in my job and I've never noticed this before .I've also noticed today that I'm feeling wobbly, as though my head isn't moving as quickly as my body.

I've also been feeling tired and achy but that could be down to the weather.

Has anyone else experienced this and does it go? I'm only on week one so not sure if I just need to be patient.


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Hi. Yes I experience the same. I just thought that's what I need to put up with to try to be seizure free. x

STOP!! I was told by the pharmacist that you shouldn't change brands . I changed to generic felt fatigued woozy and sick, then my seizures got worse i very rarely miss a day anyway but my jerks got worse (myoclonus) I have lots of different seizures. Please fill in the form ask the pharmacy for one it is a legal form to make sure you are prescribed the same one each time

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