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Well this is me


I’m a pharmacist diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy in May 2018. I now take keppra twice a day and clobazam at night which fingers crossed eel to have stabilised things. Although my last seizure was only 4 weeks ago i have gone longer without one. I also have midazolam as my seizures tend to last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes

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Hi Suzy32, mine are very different to yours but a also take Keppra & Clobazam plus Zonisamide. I’ve now been 18 months free but those Keppra drugs, I’ve only been on a year & have found very hard to deal with compared to lamotrigine(happy pill 😄) but didn’t do anything for me!

Take care & speak to your neurologist on how you are feeling. X SJ

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My neurologist has been far from helpful and doesn’t seem to have time to listen to anything. My gp is better. I was on lamotrigine and had horrendous side effects so have have just finished wearing myself off them.

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