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New on here. Epileptic and diabetic

New on here. Epileptic and diabetic

Hi everyone

My fits were when I was a teenager. Got put on tegretol. Been OK. Had a few Petit mal fits.

Had a fit when I had my daughter 18 years ago. Then had a another 15 years ago when I had my son. Out of the blue I've had 3 fits starting June lasts year then Nov , now July. Has anyone gone 15 years without a fit. I'm under my doctor but don't see any one else. I'm 44 single mum with 18 year old daughter and 15 year old son (daughter goes to uni in September) in slightly scared to go out again. Been signed of sick for two weeks

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Are your blood glucose levels under control?



I went 7 years without having any seizures and then had 2 last year. Before the seven year break I was having seizures pretty regularly but then got put on Epilim which controlled me really well. The two seizures were when I had was very exhausted after an active holiday and when I was ill. I think I have got it under control again now with the help of my neurologist (I am lucky to have a really great new neurologist) and an extra medication he has given me to take only when I feel at risk. It is a fast acting "top-up" anti-epileptic drug (AED).

I have heard that some AEDs stop working over time. Don't know about yours. I have never taken that. Make sure you speak to a doctor.

I was very scared for a while, but am getting my confidence back now. My last seizure was in October.



I find its always outta the blue I've never went more than a year and a half without one. So in a way you're lucky :) Though, it probably doesnt feel that way. Are you stressed or run down I find there are many triggers


Yes, I had an epileptic youth with petit mal. I had been free of fits for 30 years when back in 2013 out of the blue I felt the sensation of being locked inside my body. I could hear and understand everyone around me, but could not say anything. I went to the drop-in centre at the hospital to check it out, and was sent to casualty who admitted me over the weekend. I saw the epilepsy consultant on the Monday, and she put me on Lamotrigine. I was devastated, as I was only a matter of weeks away from being free of medication for 25 years.


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