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I am male and 79 and have just realised in the past week that I have epilepsy. I’ve had two sleeping and one waking seizures. The first was the most severe and required an emergency hospital admission. The last was a collapse in the open of a few seconds.

I’m waiting for an appointment with a neurologist, and hoping that medication will enable me to lead something like a normal life, but at the moment it’s all rather frightening and confusing. Thank you for providing this forum for sufferers.

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Hello baralbionMy husband had a stroke in November 2019 and developed epilepsy. Like you he was admitted to hospital. He was started on the anti-epileptic drug Keppra(leviteracetam). This stopped the tonic clonic seizures. He was then given lamictal for minor seizures. It has taken 12 months and he is almost back to normal. So my message to you is although it may be scary at the moment you will be OK. This forum shows you are not alone and can give you useful information.

Best wishes to you.

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Thank you. I, too, have just started on Leviteracetam 250mg x 2 daily, increasing to 6 x daily after four weeks. I have an appointment with a neurologist on Friday. Everyone here is so kind. Best wishes to you and your husband.

Hello baralbion..... my epilepsy was diagnosed after mini night strokes, I am taking Lamotragine for the epilepsy.... I am 77, still have siesures, but not so often now, I have to be careful when out and about as I use an electric wheelchair...... hoping you get an appointment soon🙂👍

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I’ve been prescribed Levetiracetam and saw the neurologist this morning. I’m going back for an MRI scan tomorrow.

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