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Transitory Epileptic Amnesia


I left my first post a few days ago in reply to kaileyris98 who 7 months ago titled a post 'Temporal Lobe Seizures and loss of memory'. I have been diagnosed with TEA a rare epileptic condition for which I can find no reference on the Epilepsy Action/HealthUnlocked websites.

After an 18 month wait I am seeing my neurologist again on 7/1/20 and I am currently researching the condition and would welcome posts from others. My 'absences' have been controlled successfully by am and pm 500mg of Keppra and I have been 'absence; free since commencing medication. However, I had a second nocturnal physical seizure (17 months apart from the 1st) and woke in bed with a dislocated and fractured shoulder 9 months ago, no seizures since.

I believe stress induced that physical seizure but having read the Epilepsy Action booklet B004.05 'Epilepsy: diagnosis, treatment and healthcare' p.28 I will ask my pharmacist if at the time of that seizure I was taking a generic substitute/parallel import. Given the possibility of inconsistent supplies following BREXIT it may prove important for myself and others to ensure consistency of medication.To quote that page 'Generic prescribing and parallel imports mean there can be many different versions of one medicine'.

I would welcome any observations about TEA in general and generic medication.

Thank you

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I was once given the generic version of lamotrigine instead of my usual Lamictal. Shortly after I began taking them, I had a seizure. Ever since then, my GP specifies the brand I’m to be given by the pharmacy (Lamictal and Keppra), as they are then obliged to do so. I also always check the packaging etc to make sure it’s all as it should be. I also clarify if packaging/tablet shape or anything is different.

The current situation, with medication is a real problem for us I take 2000mg of keppra a day it has worked for me alon 1000mg of tegratol but I have had more seizures because of the use of generic drugs to

Hope things get better for you

Like Tabby T I also Take Lamictal and Keppra. I also do the same make sure the Brand is the same at all times. Also I find parallel imports (same brand but made in a different factory) affect me so I have to double check these as well.


Hi Considine

Thank you for your post.

There are guidelines around generic prescribing and epilepsy medicine that can help some people receive the medicine they require.

There is very little information on transient epileptic amnesia. Please find attached one research paper on this that we find very informative.file:///C:/Users/AISO4.EADN/Desktop/transient%20epileptic%20amnesia.pdf

I hope you have a good appointment with your neurologist tomorrow.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Hi I have auras which is like de ja vu but I can’t talk or figure out what’s happening I then sometimes have a physical grand mal seizure im on 2000mg eppilim and lamotrigine also on venlafaxine it’s horrible just not knowing when these are going to happen

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