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Levothyroxine, Vimpat and Briviact together?

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Does anyone know if I could take Levo, Vimpat and Briviact together in the mornings? Only just began the Vimpat today and told by my new Neurologist that it's best to take Levo in the morning...

Thank you for your help.

Best wishes,


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Hi Tina

There are some medicines that need to be taken at a different time from levothyroxine, but Vimpat and Briviact aren’t on that list. bnf.nice.org.uk/interaction...

So it should be fine to take them all together. However, if you have any concerns you could check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Best wishes


Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Thanks so much for your help Grace.

Hi Tinx I am on levothyroxine (75mcg) daily, together with Vimpat and Phenytoin. The doctor always told me to take Levothyroxine first thing in the morning before food and other medications. I have done this for years now and as soon as I wake up, I take it. Only after breakfast do I then take my Vimpat, but Phenytoin at night. Hope this helps.

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Tinx71 in reply to lgd333

Thanks so much for your help

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lgd333 in reply to Tinx71

Keep us posted as to what time you take it, and also if the timing works for you.

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Tinx71 in reply to lgd333

Hi everyone, I no longer had to take briviact about one week after posting this.

I experimented with one month taking levo first thing then waiting at least an hour before eating then taking first vimpat @ 7.50am . Last vimpat 7.50pm.

Next month tried vimpat at same times and levo just before going to sleep between 9.30 and 10pm. Have to say I have experienced more energy in the last month but still having massive memory problems.

Hope this helps.


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lgd333 in reply to Tinx71

I understand the memory problems due to Vimpat and Phenytoin. I've taken Levothyroxine a.m. for many years. Perhaps the change to evening time might help the energy level?

Hi Tina

I take both vimpat and briviact always take the vimpat at night along with briviact and topamax sprinkles take topamax sprinkles and briviact in a morning and topamax sprinkles in afternoon

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Feri19 in reply to Tenor000

Hi Tenor000,

were you ever on Tegretol and Briviact at the same time?

What do you mean by taking Topamax as sprinkles? is it suppose to be taken twice daily same as briviact?

thank you !

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