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Epilepsy and EEG’s


Can you have epileptic seizures/epilepsy with an almost normal EEG?

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normal EEG's does not rule out epilepsy. In fact I think it is almost 50% of people will have a normal EEG, as brain activity causing epilepsy only occurs when having an actual seizure. My daughters EEG's have always been normal, yet she has epilepsy for over 6 years.

You can if they start deep in your brain, ie in the hippocampus and don't last long.

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I've had epilepsy for 25 years and I've had an EEG every year and only 3 showed that I had epilepsy and that was because I was having episodes of various seizures while having the EEG, so yes you can have epilepsy with a normal eeg

If that’s the case how do you get diagnosed with epilepsy

Curious also, how you get diagnosed with a normal EEG.


My 1 hour EEG came back normal so I’m waiting to get my 72 hour EEG when my insurance will start. I’m having a hard time getting diagnosed.

Epilepsy is largely a clinical diagnosis and a persons EEG may be normal between seizures. The behaviour a person exhibits during a seizure is the best way a specialist can diagnose a seizure disorder so if you can get a video recording of a seizure then that is so helpful

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