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I new here and I'm concerned about my involuntary limb movements and facial flushing

I've recently (2 weeks ago) been diagnosed with migraines. Came on very suddenly and I was diagnosed right away, but I have some confusing symptoms they're struggling to understand.

About a week before my first migraine, I started getting really intense facial flushing, my face will go bright red and hot for up to a few hours. It happens during the migraines but it also happens when I'm fatigued and I crash.

I also get this muscle/limb twitching. Its like a jolt goes through an arm or a leg and tenses it up for a second, making it jerk up. It isn't a dramatic movement, just little jumps. It'll happen in attacks, one limb at a time randomly every few seconds for a minute or so. It doesn't hurt but the involuntary muscle contractions are somewhat uncomfortable and leave me with some weakness for up to 10 minutes after. It first happened during a migraine but since then it's also happened when I crash from fatigue. It happens with the facial flushing. I would say it happens 5 out of 7 days a week as well as 1-2 migraines a week.

My main concern is that it could be some kind of epilepsy or similar condition that is being covered up by the headaches. The doctors have put me on wait and see and asked me to keep a close record of it all for the next 2 weeks.

All of this came on very suddenly over the last 3 weeks, but before that I have had chronic chest, back, and pelvic pain and fatigue for almost 2 years. Does anyone have experience with something similar, or have any ideas what it could be?

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Hi Molmos

It sounds like you’re having a tough time.

It’s good to hear your doctors are looking into this. Keeping a diary during the wait and see 2 weeks can be a helpful record of what’s been happening for you and the doctor.

You may wish to look at our information on seizures associated with epilepsy, focal and generalised seizures. We also have information on how epilepsy is diagnosed.




It may also help to post your question on Migraine Trust community to see if this could be related to your migraine.




Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

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The muscle/limb twitching sounds a lot like Myoclonic jerks, which are a type of epileptic seizure. I'm sure you can find out more about different type of seizure on the Epilepsy Action website.


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