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Lamictal and teeth


The last five years I had noticed my teeth were on a dramatic downturn, [plus I'm 62] various crowns, including a gold one [ting!] a tooth I almost took out myself, my dentist was at last able to solve my quandary, lamictal, apparently infamous for this question, what with going off these medical conditioners, compounded with other side effects, and electric toothbrushes, my mystery seems solved? any other people in the same quandary?

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I started taking lamotrigene in 2012 and my teeth started breaking off, chipping away and now i am left with very few top teeth. Eating is difficult at best. When this started, the dentist was more concerned with doing a root canal than my teeth breaking. Looking at extraction of whats left and getting dentures.

Likewise, in 2012, that many crowns [a distinct worry for metal detectors?] a tooth was so wonky, I was literally able to take it out in front of my dentist! I am on PIP so I have to pay for numerous crowns and fillings which I can ill afford! My dentist first alerted me to the lamotrigene link. I have just had a temporary crown put in £108, but because of PIP I could not afford the full one at £420, an old 'bumper molar' undoubtedly caused by my old lamotrigene days! Although she did say that my teeth have somewhat 'improved' since then. I came off them early 2018.

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