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Hi I new I have two types of epilepsy. I had more then one epilepsy seizure to. How can you stop the tonic clinic seizures harts after you come out

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  • My postictal phase was pretty out of it as far as I recall - as though coming up from the dead in ways - I had to sleep afterward too, in spite of the pains... though as I recall now the muscle pain was severe and I never did anything about it out of confusion I guess

  • Sadly this all the nature of epilepsy. The very best person to speak to is your GP. They can advise you. You have not disclosed as to how long that you have had seizures for. If your GP deems fit they might sell you back to your neurologist, as a change of Anti-epilepsy drug (AED) might help you.

    Here's wishing you well


  • Thank you

  • It’s very common to have to sleep for a long time after a TC seizure. Think about what your body has been through. It’s an awful trauma. I tend to have severe headaches. I think I probably often have concussion. Paracetamol might help that.


  • Amy - ya totally - I've tried to compare the pain out of what I'd studied - comparing it maybe to running for five miles, doing a hundred sit-ups etc etc etc within two minutes - it's all of the body muscles going through oppositions in the realm of thousands within a few minutes... and same thing with the mind... and it's due to the ions in the mind doing a +/- flip-flopping in what is a microscopic realm in the numbers of thousands upon thousands of whatever... studying up the science of it can be sickening also, horrifying in ways... but then also in a positive sense... (itself doing a +/- psyche flip-flopping? Harharhar)

  • Hey, unfortunately it’s all parcel and parcel with epilepsy. I have the same type of seizures as you and I never remember anything. I am just in a lot of muscle pain and extremely tired and confused afterwards. Sleep and then sugar is what helps me get back to normal

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