Taking control back didn't last long 😭

Hi everyone

After feeling so positive after reading replies to my first ever post. I saw Neurologist & Epilepsy Nurse on 22nd August.where I had medication increased, new emergency medication plan written allowing 2nd dose to be given after 10minutes. I am now sitting here unsure of my future. First day back at work yesterday (I work as learning support assistant in a primary school ) felt absolutely fine and got on with things,ready for when children start back on Wednesday. Next thing I'm waking up in hospital after seizure lasting over an hour, resulting in air ambulance being called by paramedics as they had given me everything they could to try and stop seizure. I am now waiting for the call from head teacher (who to be fair has been good up until recently) to tell me I'm not allowed back to work until OH have seen me for the fourth time. It's clear that she would like me to consider early retirement due to medical condition (I'm 46!) and also the impact it is having on the school as a whole due to staff being directed to the emergency. Also in her words "my concern is that the frequency, length & severity of the seizures could result in fatality "

If I had the strength and energy I would just like to disappear.

I'm really tired of trying to hold onto a normal life with epilepsy

It's not fun anymore.

Sorry this post is so miserable and I know that considering all the awful things that happen around the world I'm probably lucky.

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  • Hi Jenny, your story touched me enormously I hope you're feeling much better today. You are only 46 sweetie, retirement should be an absolute last resort. "Easier to sweep you under the carpet than to help and stand by you".If you decide to retire your mental health will suffer . Stick to your guns carry on with all necessary appointments and hope a solution can be found. The glass should always be HALF FULL. Positive mental attitude is a prerequisite to sound mind bringing you the strength to continue. I was 46 when I had a stroke which left me with Epilepsy I am now 50 and suffer with weekly Auras. life was manageable but when I lost my wife I gave up caring.often not taking meds with the subsequent results of bad headaches mood swings and heavy depression. But alas the sun always rises in the morning so life must carry on. So chin up Jen and always look on the bright side. Best wishes


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