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just joined site. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. I have been on almost every medication. I am currently on 3,000 mgs of keppra daily. I feel like I have changed ever since I started on AED's. Very irritable and angry, depressed, always sick and just want to be alone. Does anyone take Keppra 3,000 mg dose for JME? Are there any supplements that help the anger or depression?

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  • Yes Bethankful - I am thankful.I had the same problem. I was on it 14 and a half years. No wonder I had Keppra rage! My specialist put me onto Briviacetam - a sister drug of Keppra. But it is still a red-light drug - not yet available from the GP. Only from the specialist. Similar to Keppra, but a lot less of the anger rage issues.

  • Thank you!

  • So often with epilepsy depression can be linked. Likewise so can bad temper. I am remember vividly having a very short fuse. Something that I was never proud of especially after my 'flare up'

    I suggest that you ring your neurologists secretary seeking a review of all your AEDs

    Here's wishing you well.


  • Like yourself have JME, but for over 40 years, and have been through the range of medication and their particular side effects, I would have thought not advisable to take medication or supplements for medication side effects, two years on 9 pills a day for side effects of side effects, I do have other serious medical conditions, I am now on 4 pills a day! I would suggest, because there are now a wide range see a neurologist and change your medication, sometimes the side effects can be worse than an a seizure over time, Parkinson disease effects, but only four seizures in three years [Epilim]. I have tried Keppra and like yourself, seemingly not very nice company, I am now on Fycompa, which did have almost suicidal tendencies, thank god that wore off after a few weeks, plus with Lamictal a seemingly dependable partner with it, the minor side effects now I can live with them, [thinking of taking up drawing, now the 'shaking' has gone!]

    Good Luck!

  • I was also completely not myself when I was put on Keppra for my JME. After a few different meds I settled on Epilim Chrono which works well for me but unfortunately has been a bit of nightmare because it's so risky to take in pregnancy.

    I would suggest you ask around to see if there are any other meds you've not tried yet. Those side effects are nasty :(

  • Hi bethankful17

    I saw neurologist today and I suffer exactly the same with keppra, I was told that apparently vitamin B6 is meant to help a great deal with side effects.

    Might be worth trying..................I guess anythings worth a go tbh

    Hope you find it helpful

    Good luck



  • Hi bethankful7

    I am also on kepra along with other brands and have exactly the same symptoms of anger and depression etc. I decided to give CBD oil a try about 3 days ago so it's still early days to see if it can help however from reviews I've read on it , it helps with a lot of illnesses . It may help with depression or anger as it's supposed to be a kind of relaxant.

    If you decide to give it a try I hope it helps but just remember you won't notice changes over night as just like all meds they take a bit of time before you feel any different.

    Good luck


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