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Driving after epilepsy - Help

Hello All,

I first got a provisional driving licence when I was 18yrs old when I had been 12 months seizure free and drove a scooter with my provisional licence. Two years later my epilepsy came back and I handed back my licence. I am now 33 yrs old and after a temporal lobotomy operation in April 2016 I have been tottaly seizure free and in March 2017 I will have been 12 months fit free.

As my provisional licence expired over 10yrs ago and I have never had a full licence, should I apply for a new provisional as all other 17yrs old people do and treat it as getting a first licence or do I have to re-apply for the old provisional licence? And what forms do I have to use ? It all seems so confusing and difficult ? Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance.


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I am a little different as I had a full driving licence for many years until I started with epilepsy and had to hand in my driving licence. Since finding the correct medication to halt the seizures I had not had a fit for almost 14 months when I re-applied for my licence. It was granted recently and I have just started driving again. The DVLA website was quite helpful with advice as to which forms to use so that would be a good starting point. The whole process took about 3 months.




As you surrendered your provisional driving licence due to epilepsy, when you meet the driving regulations for epilepsy, you will need to complete two forms - a D1 and a medical questionnaire. The D1 application form is available from Post Office branches. Or you can order a D1 pack from the DVLA website. The medical questionnaire is available online from gov.uk/government/publications. If you can’t download the medical form, DVLA will send it to you when they receive your application form. You can send the forms to DVLA up to eight weeks before you can legally drive again.


You will receive another provisional licence, this will only change when you pass your driving test.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team


Jon, like you I ride a scooter but don't have a license. They took it from me after two months of getting it due to having seizure driving. Life sucks. I'm 45 and all I want is to drive a car like everybody else. I'm so glad the surgery cured you. Must be very enjoyable living without seizures. To get my license back I have to take both written and driving tests. I'm so frustrated!!! Hope we both get back on the road soon.


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