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I have had 2 seizures where I go stiff then start shaking the first one lasted 5 minutes and the second lasted 1 minute including the stiffness. These seizure happened 6 months between each other. During the second seizure I bite the side of tongue but in the first seizure I didn't bite my tongue or become incontinent. The doctor said by the description of the second seizure he thinks it was caused by abnormal electrical impulses (so epilepsy) .

He said he doesn't want to start me on anti epileptics until I have a diagnosis but I have had a standard EEG,sleep deprived EEG and a MRI on the brain all of which can back normal. Can the doctor still prescribe anti epileptics even though the tests were normal ? Do doctor usually prescribe even though the tests were normal ? Also do seizures usually increase in frequency after the second seizure?

My medical history is vasa vasa syncope well controlled by fludrocortisone I have had this condition for 2 years

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Hello Katiex

It sounds like you’ve been going through a worrying time. Doctors do sometimes prescribe epilepsy medicine even if all the tests are normal. A clear MRI or EEG does not always mean you don’t have epilepsy. Doctors use these tests to help them come to a diagnosis, but they also look at your symptoms. If, based on your symptoms, they believe your seizures are epileptic and you are likely to have more, they will usually prescribe epilepsy medicine.

They might hold off on starting you on epilepsy medicine if they are not sure whether the seizures are epileptic, or down to something else. This is because if the seizures are not epileptic, epilepsy medicines won’t work. They can also have side effects. If you have any concerns about this it would be worth speaking to your doctor.

If we can be of any more help, or if you would like to talk in person about this please feel free to contact the Epilepsy Action Helpline: epilepsy.org.uk/info/suppor...


Epilepsy Action Advice and Information Team


Thank you for the reply really appreciated. I read that this seizure episode sounds like a generalised tonic tonic seizure. I also read that the sleep deprived EEG usually will be abnormal if people have generalised tonic clonics but mine wasn't. Can it still be normal and you have epilepsy ?


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