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Trying to get through uni

Hi there,

I am new to this page and have been diagnosed with epilepsy for just over a year. I still struggle with coming to grips with my diagnosis as it is genetic and the docs are unsure of my triggers and how to control the seizures.

At the same time of my diagnosis I also started university and as a way to try to understand what I am living with my tutor suggested that I focused my year 2 project around epilepsy, and so I chose the subject of Seizure Alert Dogs. Below is a link to a survey I have created to try to gain an understanding of the need and understanding of seizure alert dogs.


Thank you for your time and support :)

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Dear Hb94,

Thank you for the link for the survey... I am happy to complete it for you!

I have had epilepsy for 41 years now, but please remember, stress is one of the biggest factors/triggers for epilepsy. I notice you have only been diagnosed for a year, so it is all new to you. Your starting University at the same time has also been a stressful period and could have been a reason for starting the seizures.

There are many triggers but if needing a friend or someone to talk to, I am always available either on this site, or Facebook or Twitter.

You are welcome to make contact.

Take care and relax.


Lesley Donnelly

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Thank you very much for your kind response. It is very odd still and a number of things occurred around the time I begun having the seizures which was nearly 8 months before my diagnosis.

Hope you are well thank you for the support :)


Further to my response, survey COMPLETED!

I would love to share the link on Facebook and Twitter to get you more supporters for the survey.

Let me know if you are agreeable to me sharing.

Looking forward to hearing how the project is going and all the best!



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Thank you that's great. I would more than happy for you to share but I only really would like responses from people with epilepsy or those caring for people with epilepsy, it's just the way my tutor has suggested I do the project so I can see it directly from a specific perspective.

Thank you though


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