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Topiramate supplied by Teva UK Ltd supply problem

6 May, 2014

Teva UK LTD have told us they have no supplies of topiramate at present. This covers all doses. They will definitely be getting new stock in. But at the moment they have no idea when this will happen. When it does happen, they will let us know and we will put an announcement on Healthunlocked and our Drugwatch webpage. epilepsy.org.uk/news/blogs/...

If you have any concerns please talk to your epilepsy nurse, epilepsy specialist or your own doctor.

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This is so sad to hear that medication runs short, but hopefully will be available soon... I came from Zimbabwe where supply of Carbamazapine and Phenytoin just stopped totally, thus had to leave the country and move elsewhere. AED's are vital to us all with epilepsy, no matter what the medication is! Hopefully, Topiramate will be received soon and things will return to normal!


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