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Regarding the Epilepsy/Seizure disorder for the last 14 years?

I am suffering from the grandmal seizure for the last 14 years,even i am taking the medicines continuously since starting,but in between due to missing a 1 or 2 days again it appears to me,so may i advised to get over this disease permanently,for the last one month i am prescribed to take the Epanutin300mg a day and Trileptal900Mg a day.If there is other better suggestion then please suggest.

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Hi Pinku

The most common way epilepsy is treated is with epilepsy medicine. The medicine does not cure epilepsy, but aims to try and stop seizures happening. For epilepsy medicine to stop your seizures, you must, take your medicine every day as advised by your doctor. When someone forgets to take their medicine, a seizure can happen.

Here’s a link to our information about epilepsy and treatment epilepsy.org.uk/info/treatment

Diane Wallace

Advice and Information Team


Thanks a lot for your advices and suggestions,belief the same co-opeartion for always.




I have had epilepsy for 40 years now, and am still taking medication. There is no cure for epilepsy, but it is vital that you take your daily medication and do not miss any dosage. Once the medication is in the system, this should help to alleviate the occurrence of seizures, but will not stop them completely. Should you have any queries regarding your medication, kindly consult your Neurologist or doctor. All the best and keep in touch!


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