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Advice needed

Hi all , sorry to be a pest but i was wondering if anyone has had prostap3 injections in the past, as had my last one in June 2012 the consultant told me in arch that it should be out my system now but i still haven't started bleeding since, I am really worried but don't know whether o go to my gp or not as the consultant has discharged me.

Thanks for ur help

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Hey Kazt84 - The Prostap3, are they the three monthly ones? I know the '3' would suggest so but I wanted to double check first.

Either way, I was on the four weekly prostap injections last year for four months. My last injection was the beginning of July, I was advised that my periods would have arrived by September, October at the latest. I appreciated that everyone is different but by November I was concerned - I have posted a few questions on here in regards to this. I have had 2 laps for advanced endo, my left tube was stuck to my sigmoid bowel and then to my pelvic wall which in turn had shut my ovary down. Thankfully once freed she was working again so I was fearful that she had gone the same way :-( After months of complete turmoil eventually mine started at the end of Feb. I did speak to my gynae about this a few times during their absence but he kept saying to not worry. Come February at my last appt he did say that if they hadn't kicked in by June then he would do bloods to see what state my ovaries were in - could you put your mind at ease by requesting these tests? I know I was frantic with worry, right now I can completely relate to how you are feeling, knowing there was a way to tell did help slightly so it may be worth badgering your gp/gynae for peace of mind.

I know that doesn't settle your worry but hopefully my story may give you a little positive reassurance while you wait. I did speak to one lady who waited 18months for hers to return! I think I'd have had kittens by then.

All the best hun, if you have any further queries or to rant then feel free to message me :-)

Always happy to help.




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