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Feeling frustrated - want to change my pill - any suggestions?

Hi guys

I was diagnosed with Endo in November last year after having issues with my periods after coming off the pill the year before and discovering that I had a cyst on my right ovary. I had a laparoscopy and they found my endo which they said was very minimal.

I've since been put back on the pill but I'm not really happy with it as although my periods have become regular,I'm still in excruciating pain every month and I've put on so much weight. I went to see my doctor recently as after some blood tests they discovered my prolactin level was raised but I felt like the doctor just fobbed me off after he read my notes and just told me to go away and look at these websites and come back in 3 months to have another blood test.

I'd quite like to find out about changing my pill or coming off it completely as I'm not sure whether that would help with my symptoms - any ideas?

Many thanks! x

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As the pain is happening with you actually having periods, then you need to stop your periods. Either taking the pill back to back with no breaks for a bleed, or having a mirena installed which does take a few months to kick start and should stop your periods (doesn't in everyone but worth a try as if it works it lasts up to 5 years without popping pills every day).

Some ladies take norethisterone several times a day..

You don't sound like you need to consider hormone treatments yet so avoid them for now. They really should always be a last resort, because they don't solve any problem just postpone it -with lots of other icky side effects.

Or there is nexaplon an arm implant.

But for starters I would try and use the pill packets each and every day without stopping for a period. Visit your local family planning clinic where they can advice you on all the BC pills available on the NHS and swap you over if needs be. You do not need a doctor's referal for the FPC.

The endo diet might help reduce the levels of oestrogen in the body, which might then bring down the prolactin level in the next test. It can vary according to the time of the month anyway.

Which BC pill are you on at present? Make sure it is a progesterone only sort. You certainly don't want any oestrigen level increase which is a gourmet meal for endo.


Thank you so much for replying, you've told me more info than my doctor's have on my last few visits to them! lol I'm on Microgynon 30 at the moment but I've put on so much weight in the last few months since being back on it that I'd like to try something else.

Has anybody heard of or had experiences of the implant? Is it effective?

Many thanks :) x



You can take the pill back to back without a break for a few months at a time but personally I didn't really like doing that, I dunno - maybe it was in my head but I didnt feel 'right' doing that.

I think going 'natural' and being on nothing at all isnt really an option (well that's what I was told by my specialist) I even tried accupuncture but it didnt help.

When I had my 2nd lap 3 years ago they fitted me with the Mirena Coil and personally, it's been amazing for me! After a few months periods stopped or you get the lightest most pain-free period ever, I still knew when my cycle was but no issues/pain so if I were you I'd look into the Mirena....



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