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Prostap and aching!

Hi girls,

I hope you are all having as good a day as possible.

I am now almost 8 weeks into my course of prostap injections and due my third injection tomorrow. I am suffering quite a bit with side effects (would love a good nights sleep!) but I was fully informed on these before I started the prostap so had a good idea of what I was getting myself into but was so desperate for a bit of a break that I agreed to give prostap a try. However, I really really ache, my joints are very stiff, particularly knees and ankles and when I first stand up in the morning its bordering on torture - has anyone else suffered from this? Its been steadily getting worse over the past couple of weeks. Its only been 8 weeks so im struggling to see how the prostap could have this much effect on my joints etc so quickly. I was planning on starting running again this week but I really don't think my legs could handle it! x

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Hi Hayls

Joint pain and stiffness is one of the biggest things for me on Prostap/Zoladex, and it's usually the thing I notice first of all now. I physically have to uncurl the fingers of my right hand with my left hand when I wake up in the morning!

When I had my first ever course, I had a lovely doctor who was so keen to impress on me the importance of impact exercise during Zoladex that he actually got out of his chair, took up an imaginary skipping rope, and demonstrated how I should be doing it :D He retired soon afterwards. I really miss him...

Anyway, yes, I feel your pain! but the exercise will probably do your legs good. If you can get your feet to the floor when you get out of bed, obviously... ;)

C xxx


Thanks chrissie

I have had to uncurl my fingers as well! hehehe! Feels like im 90yrs old! Sounds like you had a great doctor. I will try to start the exercise tomorrow! x



I am into my second injection, have them four weekly, I am likely to have a hysterectomy in June. I am also have joint pain but never thought it could be related to Prostap. I wanted to ask you talked about sleep being an issue, I've barely slept for three nights which is not like me at all. I'm very restless and at times simply wide awake. Do you experience the same?




Hi, I had 5 zoladex injections wen doc suddenly decided prostap was cheaper. So I had 1 prostap it was worst decision ever. Jubilee weekend I just completely seized up, every time I moved I basically yelped. I even phoned NHs direct, I had to take painkillers every four hours. As u can imagine I went straight back to zoladex for the next one lol. Anyway I believe it's because prostap is intramuscular and goes straight into muscle, whereas zoladex is subcutaneous and just goes under skin. Hope this helps, just thought I would share my experience xx


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