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Has anyone tried mindfulness techniques to help with their pain?

For this who don't know mindfulness is an eastern inspired technique associated with meditation but made very practical. Research has shown it can improve people's perception of pain. It is done by curiously focusing on "here and now" experiences and sensations... I this instance focusing on the pain and considering where it is and exactly how it feels.

I tried it last night and found it helpful

Anyone else tried it? Did you find it helpful?

If you hasn't tried it is it something you'd like to give a go?

Crystal x

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I am aware of Mindfulness and use it with my clients (I work in Mental Health) but never considered using on myself!! I am reading up on it at the moment but have also started counselling and we are using EMDR which I used last night and it helped. I am having counselling for a number of issues but one of those is about living with a chronic condition that has not responded to any treatment. EMDR is very similar in that it focuses on the pain at that time and uses visualisation alongside clicking to help minimise and take control of the pain.

Finger crossed these techniques will help us and many more where conventional medicine has failed.


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