Disability Discrimination Act

Hi there,

Im new here and so glad to have found this site.

My Endometriosis specialist recently told me that Endometriosis is now considered a disibility as of 2010, something i did not know.

I have tried to find info on this but cant seem to find anything.

Is Endometriosis considered a disability and are we protected in our employment by the Disability Discrimination Act?

Would really love to know more as my employment is currently at risk because of Endometriosis.

Thanks in advance (really stressful time)



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  • Hi there,

    Here is a document which may help. It also has a link to the government website.


  • Thanks for the link. I'm also fighting for my job.

  • thankyou for that i am also having trouble with work so i can use thisx

  • Hi all,

    Here is another document which you can give to your employer. I hope your employers are supportive as with the last thing we endo patients need are hassle at work on top of everything!


    Take care,


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