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what now?

i have endometreosis and chronic pelvic pain..i also have just one ovary due to a dermoid cyst .im 25yrs old.......i have 3 beautiful children..the docs have said that if i didnt have my kids already chances are i would have huge difficulties....i thank my angels everyday 4 them..so wat now???...after hearing docs tell me i have ibs..(which i dont)to then being pushed out of a consultant room..it took one good gnyna to help me...but there is no solid cures theories maybe...but that doesnt help wen u cant get out of your bed...or drag yourself to the toilet...the amount of tabs is enough to make you feelsick..and the pain..wow..tears most days...i just need to know this isnt it..but know one can answer for that me.....

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Did you have a lap to remove 100% endo (by excision)? Because if you had endo removed from everywhere and from the root, then its not guaranteed that you will have endo for life. Endo is totally unpredictable, can appear and/or not reappear again. There are so many women out there that they had one lap with excision of endo and they are fine. All you need is a great endo gynae that knows exactly what to do, all these laser methods are not taking away endo from the root, they are very old-fashioned these days.

As for the chronic pelvic pain, sometimes even if endo is totally removed, the nerves keep giving the wrong signal (pain) to the brain and this has to be handled with medication for neuropathic pain as I do. I had endo, i had 100% removal of endo from the root (i even saw the dvd of my lap to be convinced) and now im left with neuropathic pain cause there is nerve irritation etc in the area where the endo was before. x


thanxs for writing back...only been diagnosed for 8months...have had lapo and adhesions removed 3times with laser and removed during operation..not having a good day today...hence the feel sorry for my self rant...im also due to go see a pain specialist to help me cope with pain and medication...i asked them to remove my whole womb...which they said no to..i understand the fact endo comes in all stages and degrees ..ive heard a fewpeople write about the endo diet...do youknow anything about this??...x


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