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Just diagnosed

Hi I am just in the recovery stage of my lapo after bein diagnosed with endo. They did some laser treatment whilst doing the endo but now I have to wait 6 weeks or my follow up. I have so many questions are don't know where to turn. I'm only 21 so a you can imagine I've got worst cases going through my head. Does anyone have any advise that could make these next 6weeks more bare able.



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Hi Sarah,

I don't know whether I'll be able to help with this one as I think those questions never end! This is such a confusing disease and unfortunately everyone one is different!

I'm 24 and have had endometriosis since the age of 13 I've just recently had a lap to burn away endometriosis and it has helped immensely so I hope the same goes for you.

My advice to a newly diagnosed would be to do your research, if you have a partner make them read the info too and raise awareness to you close family and friends, they won't understand what you're going through but they can help, JOIN YOUR LOCAL SUPPORT GROUP I cannot stress how important they are!! And if you are really suffering I would recommed seeing a nutritianist to maybe change you diet.

I hope this helps you and if you have any specific questions please ask! We are all here to help one another!

Sam xx


Hi Sam

Thank you for writing back. I have already asked for details of the local support group just waiting for them now :-) because I don't know how bad it is its hard to relate to everything and find it beliveable sounds strange but I'm sure you understand.

Thanks gain for the tips



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