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I am 67 years of age and I think I am suffering many problems due to my endometriosis is this possible?

I have just been diagnosed as having thickening of the heart walls, supposedly caused by high blood pressure. I have been researching on the internet and have come across information that states that both these can be caused by endometriosis. I was also diagnosed about 2 years ago that I had Crohn's disease but I feel this was a incorrect diagnosis as I have actually put weight on since and one of the main symptoms of Crohn's is serious weight loss. I can only find information regarding pre-menapause endometriosis problems on the internet this is why I have submitted my question. I would be grateful for any information and help. Thank you, Nanab.

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I think you should talk to your doctor about this.

It's rare, but possible, to be diagnosed with endometriosis after the menopause. However, I'm not aware of a connection between endometriosis and high blood pressure (perhaps because my own blood pressure tends to be rather low). Most women who are suffering with symptoms of endometriosis have problems in the lower abdomen and pelvis, rather than the heart. Is your Crohn's being treated? it's possible that you might have put on weight if the treatment is going well.

Your priority should be to get your blood pressure treated, though. Endometriosis on its own is unlikely to cause a heart attack or stroke. High blood pressure might. I'd definitely talk to a doctor about this.

Good luck.


Thank you for your reply. All my problems are currently being investigated, I am under three different specialists and I have problems (reactions) to many of the treatments that they prescribe, this is increasing the time that it is taking to resolve anything.



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