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Telephone consultation seriously!

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Really... waiting nearly 9months for a gyne telephone appointment how r u supposed to examine and do an internal over the phone this is a joke.

Did anyone else have a telephone consultation and what did they do form that did they invite you in for examination this whole thing is so rediculous and stressful !!!!

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I waited over a year for a telephone consultation and all they offered me was the mini pill and another call in 6 months xx


Absolutely xx

So sorry to hear this. I’ve had similar issue after a 9 month wait for neurologist appointment, they rang at last minute and did it over the telephone. I was furious and as expected the consultation was completely unsatisfactory, so none of the tests were done and she’s arranged a brain scan but had already told me nothing will be found, so expect she will lie as they have over the years with my endometriosis investigations saying it was “normal” when I had stage 4 and infertile. Know I will end up having to pay to go privately, for the initial consultation at least, as I did with gynae/ endo too. Absolutely disgusting we have to do this!Best wishes to you xxx

It is shocking and best wishes to youtoo x

Hiya, I had a telephone appointment. It was really good to talk it through but also a pain because they’ve asked me to go in for a scan anyway so it’s back to waiting😂

Its so frustrating !

Yep, this happened to me, waited a year for an appointment and then changed from a face-to-face to a telephone. I feel your frustration! xx

I had a face to face initial consultation - but had to go back another day for my scans. So, even if it was face to face, chances are you wouldn't have any internal examinations that day any way xx

I think it’s a form of triage - if they can possibly put off seeing you in person, they will. Trying to physically see only the very worst, most urgent cases. Hopefully it’s not a policy that will continue but, if it saves them time & money, I worry that it might (though in my humble opinion they must be missing all sorts of details and prolonging people’s suffering). I had an initial phone consultation, and while it was a fairly good chat, I would have found it much easier face to face. There’s all sorts of things that I forgot to mention 🤦‍♀️ I have another phone consultation booked for after I’ve had a scan, so they still won’t physically see/examine me for another few months! On a side note, it’s also happening with GPs a lot… they were even reluctant to do face to face for a suspicious mole that needed looking at! xxx

Its not fair is it I think it depends where you are too in country and stuff, and wheather they will see you f2f or just telephone. I work for nhs ithin commmunity setting and we have no problem with going to differnt houses each day which is fine cos we were ppe.... so i dnt see why they cant see you on clinic the same thing if they are wearing ppe and we have to wear masks then whys it ok for some and not others! Just winds me up

My daughter waited months for an appointment too. Turned out to be a telephone call. She suffers from really bad pain, heavy bleeding and a severely bloated belly. She was told she definitely had endo and was discharged!!!!!! No examination, no scans. Was advised to have the coil fitted. That was it. No improvement whatsoever. So she now has to be re-referred and start all over again. Ridiculous.

This is very very very poor!

I don’t know how they can diagnose over the phone, that’s ridiculous xx

It just annoys me so much I understand they are busy but these certian things I feel should be face to face.Plus getting refered the GPs already said all thats happened/symptoms on the referall so they should work from that for next step instead of 1st apt just reapting urself to wait months for another apt again. Makes me mad!!! The care for womens health is absoultely appalling and its just like how are they ever going to pull back the waiting tumes for surgerys!?

Plus giving out pills and contraceptives does nothing but mask the situation!!!

It needs to be treated properly early! Argh it just makes me so mad and I just cant bare the thought of waiting so long for anything to happen am so upset and frustrated!

It depends what you are seeing them for but from my experience there is not a lot to see/ happening at a first consultation. More of a check in and book you in for follow up procedures and discussions about if you want to be managed conservatively or not. Since the main diagnostic tool is laparoscopic surgery they need to book you in for that before much progress can be made.I found my telephone call was really straightforward, but this was my 4th operation. I told the consultant what was wrong and that I wanted surgery without the diagnostics and was put on the list. My advice would be to do lots of research and decide what you want to do. Is your life impacted enough to have diagnostic surgery? if you haven't already. If so ask for it. Don't be fobbed off with guess work, get in the system but be prepared to try other things while you wait. Those lists are long. Hope it goes well.

hi, sorry to hear of your experience- yeah i have had the same, never seen anyone from Gynae over the last year and a half all over the phone my GP wont even see me to examine me- my pre opp was over the phone too its an absolute joke. I have felt when it comes to womens health nobody really listens or just says 'pain is normal' when its not!

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