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Updated Code of Conduct


In order to ensure our HealthUnlocked community remains an inclusive, welcoming and friendly place for all our users, we've drafted a few guidelines that we ask our members to abide by when posting and messaging in the groups


We're all different and endometriosis will affect us all differently. Something that works for you may not work or be appropriate for others, so when giving your opinions or experiences, try not to be prescriptive in the information you give. Telling someone what you know they definitely need to do might not be helpful in the long run.

Information you read on Endometriosis UK's HealthUnlocked community does not replace the relationship between you and your doctor or other healthcare professionals. The information and comments here are the sole opinion of the poster and not representative of the views of Endometriosis UK. Our helpline is available for you to discuss any concerns you have with our trained volunteers.

Please do not link to outside organisations or forums - the information Endometriosis UK provides is rigourously evaluated and formed of empirical data - we can't be sure that the information on other sites is to the same standards. Any mentions of other groups or organisations will be edited or deleted without notice.

Please be respectful of other community members - be nice. Consider your tone and how it could be interpreted by the reader. Don't intimidate or harass - you may be removed from the forum.

Don’t name and shame. While it’s OK to talk about experiences you’ve had, be they good or bad, we ask that members don’t name doctors, health professionals or otherwise. We also ask that you don't offer to provide lists of experts, medical or otherwise - we recommend all members use the BSGE as a starting point when looking for a medics.

Please don't share any petitions, survey or research questions before asking us first.

If you've any concerns or are worried about a post, please use the report button and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

Happy posting,

Endometriosis UK

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The starting point is a gynaecologist in secondary care with expertise in diagnosing endo (a special interest). BSGE centres are tertiary care for highly specialise cases and there are referral criteria.

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