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Incontinence following hysterectomy

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Hi, I'm 33 and had a total hysterectomy on 21st Nov 18. Unfortunately during surgery the surgeon caught my bladder and I had to have a catheter for 3 weeks whilst it healed.

For the first week since the catheter was removes my bladder was absolutely fine and normal. Now (since 30th Dec) I am unable to contain my wee. It leaks out of me continously and I'm not able to control it in anyway. Because of the Xmas/new year holidays I have been unable to see anyone and will see the GP tomorrow. I'm at my wits end and so upset (whilst also trying to get over the actual hysterectomy), I have been doing my pelvic floor exercise routine every hour during the day but nothing is helping.

Any advice or has anyone else been through the same. I would be grateful for any response.

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How awful, that must be so distressing! Sorry no good advice here, just hoping the GP can get to the bottom of it tomorrow.

One thought — have you been told to do the pelvic floor exercises so frequently? Perhaps try easing up a little and scaling back to 3-4 times a day if it’s not helping anyway. But I don’t know if it’s possible to overdo pelvic exercises or not.

Thinking of you and best wishes x

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