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I’m new to this group and I’m seeking some advice and info. After a few years of believing I had bowel issues it’s now being questioned is it actually endometriosis so I wanted to see if sufferes share the same symptoms as me.

I get a lot of pain in my groin area, where period pains would occur and in my lower back. I know this is common in sufferers... but I also get the feeling that I can not hold my wee and that I need to wee all the time when I actually don’t. Is this something other people experience?? It’s horrible and it brings on anxiety especially when I’m in busy or public places because I get so worried about not being able to hold it!

Another thing is I suffer with is chronic constipation, and feeling sick. I often feel so sick after eating a meal, or even some days I’ll just wake up feeling sick. Is this something other people experience?

Along with these two things I get a lot of the other more common symptoms but these two things I was unsure if they at all maybe related to endometriosis. Any response and help would be really appreciated🙏🏻

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I have the symptoms you mention plus a whole bunch of others and I was finally dignosed with Endo via a lap in May.

I take magnesium citrate tablets twice a day which I found made a big difference with the constipation, I still suffer with bowel issues but have sort of learnt how to manage them. My chronic back pain is probably my worst and most frequent symptom and I also like yourself often have nausea in the morning

Good luck with your diagnosis and don’t let them fob you off. I had to persist through 18 months of various tests from colonoscopies, endoscopy, MRI’s and untold amounts of scans to finally be offered a lap and finally confirm endometriosis


I can identify so much with the bowel issues and nausea after eating and recently the bladder problems too, but I am also unsure if it's just endo or if there is something else going on too. (Like you, I spent years thinking it was just my digestive system). My gynaecologist said that the bowel and bladder issues are a classic endo symptom (not sure about the nausea) so it would be a good idea to discuss it with a GP or gynaecologist. I really hope that you find some answers soon!

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