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Endo and mental health


Hi all,

We spend a lot of time talking about treating the physical symptoms of Endo and little looking at the inevitable impact it has on our mental health and wellbeing over time. I run an fb group to support eachother and share our experiences on how Endometriosis effects our mental health and it's knock on effect on us as individuals, our work, our relationships and the lives we lead.

Do you suffer with anxiety/depression because of Endometriosis?

Do you suffer with loss of identity/self worth because you can no longer do the job/activities you used to?

Do you find it difficult to find a sense of purpose in it all?

Are you struggling to see a way forward alongside managing your symptoms of Endometriosis?

Are the treatment options of surgery or hormones effecting your mental health?

Do you feel worn down with having to advocate for yourself whilst unwell with symptoms?

Are you facing difficulties trying to conceive, having fertility treatment or coping with infertility?

Feel free to share your story, thoughts, and experiences along with any resources you have found helpful. You can post your memes, gifs, vlogs, blogs, poems, and drawings too.

This is a closed, safe and supportive group, all are welcome to join x


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Thanks for your post.

Sadly I’m not on Facebook so thought I’d respond on here. This year has been the worst of my life so far, losing a baby and then being diagnosed with severe endometriosis THEN having 2 surgeries within 8 weeks of each other. Also been on Zoladex....

I’m trying to put the pieces of the broken puzzle back together to try and live a normal life but it’s hard. Everyone thinks now I’ve had my surgery life can resume but sadly my mind isn’t moving along with that. The Zoladex has majorly impacted my life... I’ve gone from a textbook sleeper to not sleeping well at all. Feeling like I’m floating most of the day. It’s awful. I try and be positive but I hate this disease x

I am so sorry to hear you have been through so much. No wonder you feel as you do, anyone would. The fact you try and be positive is amazing, I'm not sure I do that very well if at all anymore. You have been through things that will have fundamentally changed you. I hope for better days for you and for all of us. You sound like you are doing just beautifully x

All are welcome to join x

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