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Adenomyosis, IVF, Fertility and diet


Hi everyone. I am happy that I have found this group as struggling to get information. I have been under investigation for fertility and it was found I had a low egg count. Following an X-ray it was also found I have Adenomyosis. This word was mentioned very quickly in the appointment and I was told there was no need to worry.

After spending a lot of time reading about the condition I cannot stop worrying about the affect it potentially has on carrying a baby full term. I am anxious at the moment that I have to get IVF to succeed and then there’s an increased risk of miscarriage. I have asked for a call back from the consultant as at the moment I do not know the extent of the Adenomyosis in the uterus.

Has anyone gone through IVF and had a baby with Adenomyosis and is there something they can do to support the pregnancy to reduce the risk of miscarriage?

I have read that gluten and dairy free can help and also reducing carbs and fats and sugars. A good healthy diet is good for fertility also but I just want to try my best to help myself

Many thanks 🙏

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Hi Natalie

I hope you’re well. I also have adenomyosis and wanted to reply to your post.

I recently started IVF. My consultant has placed me on a treatment program that should help calm my adenomyosis (and endo) down. She assured me that pregnancy with this condition is still achievable (albeit with the help of IVF in my case). I have a list of drugs to take from egg collection onwards to help maintain the pregnancy, and I’m exercising and eating healthily (avocado, eggs, and fish oil daily for improved egg quality, no red meat to help reduce the inflammation from endo/adenomyosis).

I’d be interested to hear what your consultant advised.

Hi Bluetop,

Thank you for replying and that has given me food for thought for my next appointment. I was just about to start my injections on a 'standard' long protocol when I rang the clinic to ask for my care to be reviewed as I had an HSG that found the possible Adeno but no other screening at all or mention of the condition in my plan.

Since this I now have a new consultant and a new treatment plan and I am just waiting for the appointment to go and see exactly what that is. I think I will be having a scan of my lining to further screen the adeno. So just a little in limbo at the moment but I am glad this cycle did not start to that I could get further screening. I will update you with any information but yours has been very helpful as what can be done.

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