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Does anyone have light periods with their endometriosis???please let me know

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So today I went to see a private doctor in the U.K.

Not even 10 minutes consultation 200£.....

I didn’t even care I have been in pain since January ...

So the answer I was waiting for is him to say ; yes we need to do it - we need to do the surgery !

And I said yes ok it mind sounds ‘natural ‘ to you but look I’m not doing it everyday in fact I never had any surgeries ..

I’m really worried . I ( we) with the doctors in my country really ruled out everything ( Gasztroentology) etc!....

It is frightening that’ WE ARE OR. HE IS GOING TO DO THE SURGERY - and looking for abnormalities....

I’m. Hungred recent sure it is endometriosis !- I just NEED TO HEAR YOU GUYS - what are your symptoms?? Everything started with pain if I think back a few years ... in fact ... overtime the pain became worst I felt it in my cycle ( stabbing burning pain .. ) on my left but sometimes on my right now is 24/7 so I can’t cole anymore my life is ruined ..

Although. I don’t HAVE HEAVY BLEEDING !! Did anyone here had or have light bleeding ???

What it is like ?- sorry for the question ! Mine is no more than 2-3 days !!

But I only have this pain my cpr level is high !

I am just so concerned of course I’m going to have the surgery I want to be like others ... happy being on the beach ...

I look forward to your stories guys please

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I have stabbing burning pain that started on my left side by my bikini line 2 years ago but is now kind of most of my pelvis. I used to have very heavy periods but they have become light over the past few years ( I am on the pill but they became lighter even after being on the pill for years) I too worried this meant all my pain and symptoms meant it couldn’t be endometriosis. Had surgery in May and had endo in multiple places. Just remember there’s no set rules with endometriosis and it affects people differently. Don’t be worried about the surgery, it isn’t bad at all and at least you will know what’s going on.

All the best x

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Sofi1990 in reply to Char411

Thank you very much

I have diagnosed endometriosis from my mid 20s I'm now 39 I already have 2 grown children from my teens and now ttc with DH for 18 months with no luck. I've had several ops which removed endo but it came back anyway cut long story short.

I had the op again end of March and had tubes repaired and unblocked so both are clear 3 months on and still no baby, I have some pain and my periods above never really been heavy even with endo which actually don't mean heavy periods. My periods last 2 days are flow Nd 1 day spotting, used to be 3 days flow 1 day spotting but I'm currently taking Clomid and my consultant said it can shorten periods.

With my endo I've never really had pain with urine just extreme period pains all over before during and after period, this has all settled since surgery though and if I was you I'd push for it.

Good luck.

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