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What's the severe endometriosis treatment?

My sister has diagnosed with severe endometriosis, which has influence her to conceive normally. The doctor said only the surgery can cure her disease. It's really a terrible news. Such surgery is only suitable for those who don' t have a plan to have a child. So I come here to consult women with endometriosis who got cured without surgery. Thank you for your kindness. Your help will save the entire family.

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There isn't any surgery that can cure endometriosis as it remains in our bodies; we can manage it well with modern surgical procedures and chemicals. There are a variety of treatment methods depending on the severity and locations;

If the doctor has advised your sister of that you'll need to do some research. There are a variety of treatment methods depending on the severity and locations;


Laparoscopy with removal of endometriosis - this will remove what they can see giving for most women a lot of relief from the symptoms and allowing more time to consider the next steps - as it will take a while to grow back.

Hysterectomy - sometimes advised - will only remove endometriosis on the uterus, it doesn't remove endometriosis anywhere else in the abdomen and doesn't stop it growing. If there's large enough areas of it, it can produce it's own hormones and thus grow more.


Contraceptives - these aim to stop hormones that cause the normal menstrual cycle, keeping it in stable state - it can stop the growth of endometriosis and can give some symptomatic relief. These can be taken temporarily just simply to help symptoms, or while further investigation is carried out, or if surgery isn't a personal choice.

Chemical menopause - stopping hormones that cause the normal cycle, feels like bringing on the menopause early - symptoms of endometriosis are lessened but sometimes other menopausal symptoms (side effects) can happen.

You'll need to find a doctor that specialises in endometriosis; first steps should not be to offer surgery to remove the whole uterus or doing something that could affect fertility. See the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). Type into google: NICE pathway endometriosis. I will send you a message with the link. This gives guidance on what a specialist should be doing with regards to endometriosis in the form of interactive flow charts; there's one for Management - Surgical management if fertility is a priority.


I'm sorry about your sister's suffering. In china, surgery is the last remedy to choose. We often take herbs to treat diseases related to menstruation and infertility. I recommend the herbal medicine fuyan pill to you. I think the pill will help her out. Because many women I know have recovered by it. It has been patented due to its success in curing a lot of women with intricate gynecological diseases. The advantages of herbal medicine is that they won't cause any side effects and damage to human body and very compatible with body. May your sister recover soon, hoping my advice will help you.


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