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feeling a bit lost

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Thought I would share a little about myself, as I'm new to this. I began suffering when I was 13/14, and now being 20 I have finally gotten myself a diagnosis; growing up there where multiple tests done, and I was constantly in and out of hospital from not being able to deal with the pain. When I turned 16, the doctors began to give up and had decided that the pain was mostly in my head and the next course of treatment would be hypnotherapy. Insisting that the pain was real, they then continued to look further into the situation. Being in school at the time and having to try to work to achieve where I wanted to be was not easy as I kept having to do my work from a hospital bed. And now that I'm at university, getting my degree in sport rehabilitation, which gives me a huge insight into anatomy and a medical experience, I'm beginning to feel more lost than I was before. It's easy for me to diagnose a patient and help them overcome the condition they have, but trying to overcome my own illness when I don't fully understand it, is a big struggle.

Sorry about the long post, thank you for reading xx

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