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Severe pain dont know what it can be anymore

23 oct 2017 i had my hestorectomy for endo stage 4. That night felt like i am dying of pain. My hes was done by abdominal surgery.like a c section. But i got out of bed en walk to the nurses and scream of pain. Next day they sent me for ct where they discover my urethra on left side was cut of. The did a reinplantation that evening. Went home after 4 days. I was home 3 days when i got very sick hubby took me back was admitted to icu. They told me it is pseudomas virus and then i got sepsis also. 1 dec 2017 they removed the stent in my kidney. Three weeks ago i could take this pain anymore and went to see the urologist cause i thought something went wrong with the inplan if the urethra cause when i pee i have severe pain on left side. Most days my back kills me i am livining on pain meds for 5 month now. The dr sent me for scan it came back clean only n cyst on my one ovary that was left in because i am only 30 yrs old. I swell up like i am 9months pregnant i have severe abdominal pain my back is killing me can the endo be back so quickly having lap on 16 april that in 4 days but i feel like dying of pain what could be wrong anyone how had a hes where everything exept one ovary was removed that have so much pain afterward any advice out there will help

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