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Weird one... can you describe your pain when peeing?


Sorry.. but just really tryIng to work out whether a newish discomfort I have is endo-related or something else. I’ve seen a few ladies note that they have some pain when urinating and I wonder if any of you could describe?

Mine isn’t agony - definitely uncomfortable - and feels similar to a pulled muscle or similar? Does that sound familiar to any of you?

Thanks! X

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Hello! It’s funny the things you ask isn’t it!! I often need to go more when I am building up to a period and can find that I get a bit of discomfort around the pelvic area like you say, a pulled muscle type pain. It can stay a while after as well. I mentioned this at the endo clinic and they said it’s normal but I don’t think it is!! I’ve got scarring round my ureter from endometriosis so I thought it was maybe something to do with that, one doctor could tell you yes and another could say no, but you know your body and what you feel and they should try harder to understand rather than making us feel silly for not being able to put it into words!

Haha- yes, I appreciate it’s a weird one! Thank you for replying. I mentioned it to the consultant and he didn’t say much... so was mostly wondering if it was me being a total idiot! He told me in the consultation that he feels I have a high pain threshold. If that’s true, it’s surely not normal to feel like you’ve pulled a muscle going for a wee?? I don’t know!

But - yes, my pain is like a pulled muscle. Sometimes goes immediately. Sometimes doesn’t.

Alex9 in reply to Kangalou

Kangalou this is something I have started to suffer with , funnily enough I posted about it the other day.

Yes it feels tender and sore low down in my pelvis and sometimes a throbbing there and in my lower back. As you say it's not agonising but it's uncomfortable. I've been having to wee all the time as I approach my period it's annoying and unpleasant

Kangalou in reply to Alex9

Yes- that’s a good description too. As I say, it’s not my most material pain but was just wondering what others were experiencing. I wasn’t sure if others were having a pain more like a UTI?

And yes to going more often around your period! Madness! X

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