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Are my groin concerns related to endometriosis or is something else the cause?

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During every menstrual cycle (& sometimes outside of my period but less commonly) I feel a sharp, twisting pain in the right side of my groin. It feels like it runs deep, the pain then radiates to my lower spine, right buttock & down my right leg. It feels as though a vein is being "strangled", my leg feels heavier and swells but not drastically noticeably as my legs are usually already swollen during my period, I get sporadic pains that are sharp and make me jump when I feel them and the groin area itself Is extremely painful when touched , it feels so bruised, it swells and affects the way I walk, I usually lie down during these effects. This has happend for about the past 6 cycles now however this time I noticed a bulging vein running above the area that is the site of the most pain, this alarmed me as it's something new, another change I've noticed this time is that the pain is running right down my leg even into my feet & toes which are not usually affected, my big toe, calf & knee have also been twitching or having spasms.

is anyone else experiencing anything similar? Does anyone have an idea of the cause? Is this just something else to add to the list of endo symptoms or is it something else? Any advice or info would greatly be appreciated. TIA xx

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Maybe check out my post I just did about the psoas. I was remarking how I have balance issues and is one of the reasons why I use a cane. So I can relate to some of your pain and reactions.

I seem to have femoral vein/artery nerve pain and that runs through the pelvis. I have adhesions and what appears nerve pain in a few spots per in my abdomen tyat my pelvic pt just confirned and I self diagnosed it years ago. Yoga, Chinese herbs, acupuncture have helped me with these issues, the latter got me onto specifuc herbs that I am positive are the reason an old, painful ovarian cyst finally resolved after years. One of them is Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan which is probably the most precribed TCM herb for endo. Heat is my bff and I have percocet and valium for pain management (I am in the US). Aloe juice and cal, mag, zinc, b6 help keep me regular, a very important aspect for managibg endo and removing estrogen from our bodies and keeping the kiver strong. Cannabis, cbd with some thc, was very helpful but I just can't afford it so went over to valium. Which seems to be the only med to stop scary pelvic episodes where three times my oxycodone cant get me to stop an crying, laying on the floor, kicking something to help distract the pain gasping for air.

If you have the mean's I highly suggest looking at TCM and if possible a pelvic pt. She is helping me and the education alone is helping tremendously too. Guiding me in my next steps (more surgery or not and what kind).

Hugs to you my dear. It's not an easy road to walk.



You could have something pressing on your sciatic nerve or you could have varicose veins in your pelvis. I got diagnosed with pelvic congestion my pain is my right side of my groin and I get pain down my right leg constantly and it was a lot worse on my period. Might be worth looking into xx


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